Flores Flyer - August

Welcome to Monday! Here are a few snippets, news bytes, and factoids to keep you healthy and happy all week long. If you'd like to see something in the newsletter that you don't already, send us an email here!

1. This Nebraska Marathon Offers Post-Race Chiropractic. If you run the Monument Marathon, you'll cross the finish line to complimentary chiropractic care. Sounds like our kind of race!
2. Locavore's Meal Plan: Edible Baja shares can't-miss recipes for eating and cooking with local Arizona ingredients this summer...sign us up for Heirloom Tomato Caprese!

3. Chiropractor Dad Wears His Baby To Work. Somehow, we don't think Dr. Flo's 9-year old Desi would love being worn to work these days...

4. Free 1/2 Hr Pilates Class on Wednesdays in Tucson! At Meet Me Wednesdays (just across the street from us), take a FREE 1/2 hr Pilates class on Wednesday nights!

5. Chiropractor Car Seat Hack. A chiropractor shares the healthiest way to lift a car your shoulders and hips! 

We love to see what healthy bodies can do! Show us how you're getting out and active, whether at the gym, in nature, or on a walk with your kids and family. Email your photo to to be featured in next month's blog post! 

Noe Flores