Flores Flyer - Summer

Here are a few snippets, news bytes, and factoids to keep you healthy and happy all week long.

1. Insurance Coverage for Chiropractors. Did you know? The IRS includes chiropractic services as a valid medical deduction.
2. Trending Nutrition. Tucson Lifestyle Magazine gives the scoop on goat meat, sunflower seeds, other trendy foodie fads.

3.  Car Safety Tips for Tucson Heat. Experts explain how to navigate the toasty Tucson temps.

4. Can Yoga Help Back Pain? Tired of popping pills for back pain?

5. Mountain Biking Flow Tracks. Have you ever heard of "dirt-surfing?" The Midwest has...

We love to see what healthy bodies can do! Show us how you're getting out and active, whether at the gym, in nature, or on a walk with your kids and family. Email your photo to to be featured in next month's blog! First up: Dr. Flo on the Red Rocks in Sedona, AZ! 

Noe Flores