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I experienced chronic neck and lower back pain before a colleague insisted I consult Dr. Flores. He was perhaps the fourth or fifth chiropractor I had seen for my condition, and the only one who offered me any long-term relief. Dr. Flores’ ability to relieve my pain along with his professionalism and friendly demeanor made him my only choice for chiropractic care. He helped give me my life back and for that my gratitude and my recommendation couldn’t be sincerer.
— Sarah Taylor

Dr. Flores is a gem of a doctor who is deeply invested in his work and cares about the patient’s experience. I was impressed the first time I came to his office and he asked me if there were any adjustments I didn’t like and then adapted his approach to suit my preferences.
— Julip N.

I had a painful shoulder for what seemed like forever and had seen other chiropractors with no relief. I visited Dr. Flores and after about a month my shoulder pain was just a memory. He was my chiropractor for four years and is wonderful at his craft.
— Jerrolyn R. McRaven

Noe is a stellar chiropractor and overall healer. I came to him with pain in my lower back and the sides of my legs, and he was able to mitigate the problem and give me advice for preventing it in the future. I’d recommend him wholeheartedly.
— Mark Costigan

Dr. Flores is AMAZING! Could not recommend him more! Went in with a headache, lower back pain, and left strutting out of the place. Dr. Flores is intuitive, experienced, and deeply cares about his patients. If you’re experiencing body pain, discomfort, or headaches, life can be better! Go to Dr. Flo! :)
— Tara DiRocco